New Year New You

It’s a new year so it’s time to turn it up a notch by striving to become your best self. You may be asking what it takes to achieve this great big goal so many of us think about every new year but the answer is quite simple and it involves an inner self evaluation that  ultimately optimizes areas of your life that encourage self growth mixed with good habits and intentions that are exercised on purpose by being mindful of yourself and others. 

For starters, limiting distractions, such as removing toxic, jealous people from your life deserve a big fat cut. Haters are a source of bad energy and nobody needs that cluster f**k around them. So place these people where they deserve to go > in the trash! “Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.”so let your haters love you from afar.  Wish them well in your heart and move on. Next.

Bad habits. Bad Habits deliver momentary pleasure and have nothing good to offer your life or future and need to be removed and replaced with healthy habits like ASAP. For example, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking a bottle of vodka every few days is indeed the ticket to looking like an old swollen hag with a pot belly, dark circles and bad skin so, why not replace it with a matcha latte or fresh veggie smoothie to bring yourself back to life (if it’s not too late that is) Being a slob may add comfort short term but keeping up that lifestyle long term will definitely not end well so it’s time to glow up before it’s too late. 

 Removing the fake gurl persona mask might help a sista out too so stop trying to impress people who could care less if you live or die tomorrow. It might just take some of the pressure off and create a new sense of freedom and joy to one’s soul. Being authentic is very important and many people need to try it out because it contributes to a holistic state of well-being, encourages inner happiness and makes people look prettier because foundation can only hide so much.  When your authentic not only do you look fresher and more radiant but sincere actions aligned with true intentions make you more likely to pursue your passions in life and succeed because karma is a real thing. Believing in yourself wholeheartedly because you have authentic self esteem will make you feel confident in your opinions and decisions because your living to please yourself based on the truth not a lie to impress others.

  Last but not least; exercising faith daily by meditating and journaling creates a level of patience and peace in your life no spa day can bring you.  All of these things mixed with a healthy diet and keeping physically active can instantly turn any frown upside down. It’s important to remember that true power lies in the decision YOU make that either allows you to play a victim in life or be a survivor. Real survivors live with faith and expectancy. They keep a positive mindset at all costs and do the necessary work it takes to stay focussed on what they are grateful for by seeing the glass half full not empty. That is a true winner in life a true success and a real glow getter. One who manages themselves wisely always striving and competing with themselves not others to be better than they were yesterday. 

New Year New You