Glamnetic Lashes

As an alternative to mascara, or eyelash curlers, fake eyelashes can be used to achieve the look of longer, thicker lashes. They offer a world of benefits and are easy to apply, remove and requiring little maintenance. There are also many choices out there to suit each preference, from thick and dramatic to subtle natural and flirty.

Your search for the perfect lashes ends here. Starpone’s featured product, Lash Voltage upgrades your look in minutes and  is a quick and easy, magnetic lash system that creates fuller, thicker, gorgeous looking lashes in minutes. The powerful yet safe magnet infused liquid eyeliner pairs with silky, soft reusable lashes which sternly lock into place. They are water-proof, wind-proof and smudge-proof for all day wear. Lash Voltage makes wearing lashes fuss-free, mess-free and stress-free.


  • Magnet infused liquid eyeliner
  • 2 x sets magnetic lashes (‘Natural’ or ‘Luxe’)
  • FREE Compact case with mirror
  • FREE Rose gold tweezers.


Quick and easy – no glue, no mess, no costly or damaging extensions. Lash Voltage makes wearing lashes fuss-free, mess-free and stress-free.

  • Reusable – durable, faux minx lashes that can be used up to 30 times.
  • Long lasting – water-proof, wind-proof and smudge-proof for all day wear.
  • Iron oxides – powerful yet safe magnetic properties for lashes that won’t budge.
  • Choose your style – available in 2 styles to suit all occasions.
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free


Test width of magnetic lashes to check fit. Trim if required, to outer edge of next magnet.

Shake liquid eyeliner well before each use. Apply 2 – 3 thick lines on top of the eyelid along the natural lash line, ensuring adequate coverage is achieved on both inner and outer corners of the eyes for maximum grip.

For best performance, apply lashes once eyeliner dries completely (2 – 3 minutes).

Using fingers or tweezers supplied, hold the magnetic lashes on top of eyeliner, until they lock into place.

To Remove: Use cotton tip with oil-free makeup remover or micellar water to gently remove magnetic liner from lashes and magnets.

Store your lashes back in your compact and they will ready to reuse over and over again.


  • Apply all makeup before eyeliner, to avoid interference between magnet infused eyeliner and magnetic lashes.
  • Start with a thin line of eyeliner, working from the inner corner of lash line outwards. Thicken for maximum grip, particularly inner and outer corners.

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Glamnetic Lashes