I Woke Up Like This Beach Waves

Here is the ultimate guide to getting envy-induced beach waves, no matter what hair you woke up with! This carefree hairstyle can be surprisingly easy to achieve with Starpone’s featured product, the Shine Up Beach Waver.  Inspired by that perfectly messed up state our salt-infused hair gets after a day out at the beach this look is effortlessly chic even when an actual trip to the beach isn't in our near future. 
Here is a break down on how to nail the look, whether your hair is straight, curly, thick, coarse or anywhere in between we will help you achieve the sultry look loved by all beach babes. 

Turn your waiver on to medium high heat. Apply a heat protectant to your hair.  Your hair should be dry and either straight or naturally waved. This doesn’t work well on super naturally curly hair so make sure you straighten it first. Take small sections of hair and crimp down from top to bottom, starting a few inches below the top of your head. It’s important to not start crimping at the root — you get the most natural beachy look by starting a few inches down from the root. 

Adjust your starting height slightly with each section of hair so your waves aren’t all perfectly level with each other. You want unevenness to create that perfect beachy look. When your finished crimping take at least 1.5 inches of your hair and straighten your ends with your hair straightener just to get that classic beach wave look down pat. Avoid touching your curls until they are completely cool (touching strands that are still warm can loosen the curl and will cause it to fall flat.)

After crimping your hair with the wide-barrel waver, either gently brush out the waves to give it a relaxed 'undone' look or take a wide tooth comb and gently comb through or just separate with your fingers to create a more separated, piecy look. You can add a shine spray to your hair in order to keep it glossy and extra shiny (although you do not need it with the Shine Up Beach Waver because it leaves hair silky and smooth looking alone) but it never hurts to add more shine. If you want the textured look add a light salt spray mist to your hair but be prepared to have it a little less softer when this spray is added. 

This 3 barrel ceramic hair curler has an adjustable temperature, LCD display and dual voltage for fast heating. The tourmaline ceramic barrels help create Shiny & Perfect Waves without frizz giving your hair healthy luxurious waves all day long that are healthy to the touch. 


I Woke Up Like This Beach Waves