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It might seem that makeup removal done only with your hands and a good old fashioned face cleanser  should be enough, but many beauty bloggers would beg to differ. It’s definitely a good idea to add an additional face-washing product to your routine and Magic Moon Pads are the answer!

Today, we’re going to check out the sponges – what superpowers they have and if they worth using? Now, if you care about the zero waste philosophy, you will be happy to forget about single-use cotton pads (which are bleached by chemicals) and you’ll move to these reusable pads. Not only are they cruelty-free, vegan and reusable they are suitable for all skin types not to mention are GRS certified which means they are made of 100% recycled microfiber polyester. 

The sponges can be used up to a few months and effortlessly remove makeup, dirt and oil with just warm water, no additional makeup remover required but recomended. They are ideal for use at home as well as traveling as they can easily fit in a travel bag, beach bag, makeup bag and gym bag. They also allow you to use less product if you wish to use a product with it because just a drop of cleaning milk, gel or soap lathered up on your magic sponge foams up effectively and you will see a little goes a long way!

These miraculous little moons also help deeply cleanse the pores of your skin and remove dry patches thus allowing makeup to be applied much easier and smoother after use. They also enrich your face care routine and improve blood circulation and as a result, the texture of your skin will be radically glowing!

The sponges also serve as a gentle peel and scrub the skin in a delicate way. Even though they won’t act as a dramatic face-peeler they can be a valuable addition to your everyday face care regime by gently exfoliating dead skin cells on your face leaving your skin clean and clear. Last but not least, they make removing face masks just a breeze especially stubborn clay masks. They are definitely worth adding to your daily skin care regime and Starpone has a selection available that are cute and compact.  

How to use the Magic Moon Sponges:

1.Wet the Magic Moon Pads with water, use your favorite makeup remover and sud up.

2. Put it on your skin for a few seconds. Remove makeup with gentle, circular movements.

3.Place the Moon Pad in a washing bag and/or machine wash it or wash it by hand (whatever you prefer) with a shampoo or delicate laundry detergent

4.Hang to dry.


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Moon Pad Magic