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Coconut Scented Candle

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  • Enjoy the natural smooth coconut scent even before lighting the candle. Recyclable and Reusable Coconut Shell Bowl for Other Purposes, Beautiful Design and Scent for a Serene, Spa-Inspired Natural Setting.
  • Ideal for Home Art Decoration and Gifts, including Birthday, Holiday, and Christmas Gifts. Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 cm, 350 Grams Wax, 12 oz Scented Candle Indoor and Outdoor Candle Use.
  • Candle Tray Recommended, Remove all packaging materials before use, and burn in a non-flammable or heat resistant area Keep wooden wick trimmed to 6mm to avoid excessive smoke, and do not let wick trimmings or foreign material remain in the candle
  • Do not move or pick up a burning or hot candle and extinguish the candle using a snuffer or metal spoon Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep away from children and pets.