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Just For Today Journal

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Take this 100 Page 7x5 inch guided paperback journal on your next vacation and invite healing, hope and daily care into your life with short, daily writing prompts.

Happiness begins with  daily self care ―the feeling of appreciation for the people and experiences in our lives that have helped or supported us in some way. This journal makes it easy and enjoyable to develop a daily practice through insightful prompts that only take a few minutes to complete. You’ll feel inspired to notice things—big and small—that you might otherwise take for granted and pause to feel grateful for them.

Find healing and hope with exercises designed to help you:

  • Build a better habit―Make writing in your journal a daily practice through mindfulness-based exercises, powerful quotes, positive affirmations, and recurring themes that reinforce what you’re thankful for.
  • Develop a grateful attitude―Discover the psychological and emotional benefits of gratitude, like how it can help you feel happier and more optimistic.
  • Find gratitude fast―No matter how jam-packed your day is, these short journal prompts allow you to reap the rewards of gratitude.

 With this 5-minute journal, you can bring positivity and happiness into your life each and every day.